MEP and vice-president of the ALDE party Ilhan Kyuchyuk speaking in Cyprus: creation of a new economic strategy requires a clear definition of the strengths and weaknesses of the EU

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March 10, 2016
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April 8, 2016

According to Ilhan Kyuchyuk the EU needs to improve the implementation of the 2020 strategy.

“The European Union needs a new long-term economic strategy, including policies with clear priorities in order to remain competitive on a global level, said MEP and vice-president of ALDE party Ilhan Kyuchyuk during round table “Ralf Dahrendorf” that was held on March 17 in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. The topic of the event was “Towards a new economic strategy for the EU and Cyprus”.

According to Kyuchyuk, a new economic strategy will guide the EU not only to what the Union should do but also will highlight things that it needs to abstain in order to achieve economic development.

During the discussion, organized by the European Liberal Forum in cooperation with the European Parliament, were discussed the economic prospects for Cyprus and the EU in the context of the recent crisis in the Eurozone.
Ilhan Kyuchyuk reminded the audience that the European Commission places particular emphasis on the fact that economic development can be achieved if member states work effectively not only with each other but also with the European institutions. Most importantly, if they keep to the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy.

According to Ilhan Kyuchyuk strategic objectives and priorities of Europe 2020 strategy are very significant in the context of current and future challenges. “However, it is necessary to improve the implementation of the strategy,” noted Kyuchyuk. “That is why I call not so much for creation of a new strategy, but rather to review and really apply the current one. I think that interested parties need to be more involved in this process while on the other hand flagship initiatives to be more visible. We should achieve the objectives of the Europe 2020 in terms of unemployment, education and poverty reduction, before we move on. If we manage to clearly recognize our strengths and weaknesses that in particular stop our economic development then it will be much easier to determine the future economic strategy of the EU, “he added.

During his visit to Cyprus MEP and vice-president of the ALDE party visited both north and south parts of the divided island. Kyuchyuk stressed once again that he supports the unification of the two parts of Cyprus and the European Union should encourage the unification process. According to his words, politicians and citizens of the divided island should have a leading role in unification process.

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