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Ilhan Kyuchyuk

There is something in common between all the politicians – to everyone of them has been passed a vote of confidence. There are certain expectations that we have to all of them. I believe that people that have accepted the politics as their calling, are supposed to have a common goal - with the instruments of the democratic government to raise the nation's quality of life. Regardless of this is concerning a small countryside town or the big city, about a little business owner or a farmer, or about a big corporation.

I believe in Europe that gives equal chances to people! I believe that "the right direction" is the one that defends the rights and freedom of every Europe's citizen. I believe in the potential young people have - they just need some opportunities for progress and support.

I believe that the politics is a team player's "sport"!
And you are my team!
  • I was born on 16 September 1985 in the city of Sevlievo. I graduated from the “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” University of Veliko Tarnovo in “Law” and “Political Studies”. I am fluent in English, Russian and Turkish. I am married.
  • I had the opportunity to participate in various trainings such as the Public policies academy in Prague, Czech Republic, the FNF’s Liberal academy which took place in Gummersbach, Germany, the USA State department’s program on European economic, social and political issues; Rossotrudnichestvo’s program on Foreign Affairs in Russia.
  • In 2012 I graduated from the Bulgarian school of politics “Dimitar Panitsa” and participated in the World forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, France. In 2014 I graduated from the École nationale d'administration in France.
  • I am a member of the Youth Movement for Rights and Freedoms since 2005. I had experience in many different activities within the organization. I was member of the Central Executive Board of the Youth movement for Rights and Freedoms between 2009 – 2012 responsible for the Internal Affairs, Media and PR. I was elected as member of the board of the National Youth Forum in 2010. In 2011 I became vice-president of the National Youth Forum.
  • I was elected as President of Youth Movement for Rights and Freedoms on the VI-th National Conference which took place on 17 November 2012.
  • I have been always motivated by the support of the young members of the Youth Movement for Rights and Freedoms. I am always trying not to disappoint them because I know very well that confidence is directly related to the responsibility.
  • I was Parliamentary Secretary to the Vice-premier in charge of economic development in the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria from 2013 to 2014.
  • I was elected as Member of the European Parliament from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) group in the European elections in May 2014.
  • I am member of The Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) and a substitute member of the Culture and Education committee (CULT). I participate in The Delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries and the Arab Maghreb Union and The Delegation for relations with the United States.
  • In November 2014 I was elected for member of the Human rights committee of the Liberal international.
  • I have been elected as a Vice President of the ALDE Party at the ALDE Congress in Budapest on November 21.
  • Supporting the ideas of those thinking, working and active people in Bulgaria – through innovation they could lead Europe to economic growth.
  • An early start for youths in their careers through education that is suited to the needs of business.
  • Easier access to European funding – incentives for young entrepreneurs would lead to new jobs.
  • Education through innovation – because this is the way for us to be competitive on a global scale.
  • Assertion of the “fifth freedom” – the movement of knowledge – including improved mobility between member states for students, teachers and researchers.
  • Support for agriculture – because Bulgarian farmers could produce more effectively and be more competitive.
  • Protection of all human rights – discrimination has no place in Europe and we have to fight it together.
  • Development of a monitoring mechanism for basic rights and civil liberties and for imposing sanctions based on objective criteria without any political interference.
  • Affirmation of the new meaning of human rights in the EU’s foreign policy.
  • Responsibility for preserving the environment and creating incentives for ecologically responsible “smart” businesses.
  1. Europe should be a place of tolerance and equal rights, a symbol of strong civil rights and freedoms.
  2. I believe in the European common market that creates new jobs.
  3. Europe should hear the voice of the smaller cities and villages – I will work for that.
  4. Europe needs our ideas – that is how we will defend our common interests and values.
  5. I believe that every single young person has its own potential. We can do so much together!
Евродепутатът Илхан Кючюк откри информационен офис във Видин
Това е седмият информационен офис на Илхан Кючюк в България. В него гражданите ще могат да получават най-актуалната информация за дейността на Европейския парламент и другите европейски институции. Сътрудниците на евродепутата ще бъдат на разположение да информират и за
Интервю на Илхан Кючюк за ТВ Европа
България, Европа и Великобритания след Брекзит – какви ще са отношенията между тях, кой печели и кой губи от отделянето на Острова? За уроците и перспективите пред участниците в процеса.
Илхан Кючюк пред 4-те свободи на гражданите на ЕС трябва да останат и след Брекзит
"Не трябва да позволяваме България да е в периферията на ЕС. Не съм съгласен с твърдението, че сме малка държава и малките държави могат да генерират големи политики. Пример е Естония, която е водеща в сферата на дигиталната икономика. Защо България да не бъде водеща страна и
Председателството е уникален шанс България да модерира разговора за Брекзит, смята Илхан Кючюк
„Нашето правителство към настоящия момент няма позиция по тези въпроси. В останалите държави членки на ЕС има много различни мнения по този въпрос. Идеята на Бялата книга е точно такава – да има един отворен дебат. Време е в Европейския съюз институциите да чуят своите гра
Ilhan Kyuchyuk, Europost: It is important to hear the call of European citizens
The decision about the European direction and the scenario to follow will be made by all Member States together in the coming months. ‘Europe a la carte’ is a political reality that can no longer be a leading doctrine for the EU governance. At this point, it is crucial to listen to the call of European citizens and their idea of how the European project should look. Personally, I am firmly against the model of multi-speed Europe


  • Евродепутатът Илхан Кючюк откри информационен офис във Видин
    Евродепутатът от АЛДЕ/ДПС Илхан Кючюк откри информационен офис във Видин. На събитието присъстваха областният съвет на ДПС – Видин, народният представител от град Монтана – >>>
  • Интервю на Илхан Кючюк за ТВ Европа
    България, Европа и Великобритания след Брекзит – какви ще са отношенията между тях, кой печели и кой губи от отделянето на Острова? За уроците и >>>
  • Илхан Кючюк пред шведското издание NU: Засилването на национализма и популизма е най-голямото предизвикателство пред Европа
    Разкажете ни за Вашата партия и отношенията Ви с АЛДЕ? Движението за права и свободи (ДПС) е партия, която активно участва в политическия живот на >>>
  • Илхан Кючюк пред 4-те свободи на гражданите на ЕС трябва да останат и след Брекзит
    Евродепутатите от Алианса на либералите и демократите в ЕП настояват за запазването на четирите основни свободи при преговорите за Брекзит. Това каза пред журналисти евродепутатът Илхан Кючюк, >>>
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